About Us

We understand the challenges and frustrations of intimate apparel shopping first hand. We have taken the knowledge we have learned to design our very own line of bras to give customers the best fit, comfort, and selection in smaller sizes.

We were tired of dealing with bras that did not fit! The concept behind Itty Bitty Bra® is simple. Many whom nature 'blessed' with less than a 'B' cup size bust are underserved by today's bra choices. According to Jane Alden Hodgdon, IBB Designs president and CEO, these women need a bra that not only provides support, but also is stylish and comfortable. The Itty Bitty Bra® does all of that and more.

We have developed a product that will not gap, pucker, or slip. We are concentrating on the AA & A & Bs. This has truly been an exciting experience for us and we hope that you will enjoy the unique fit and style that represents "Itty Bitty Bra®".