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We were tired of dealing with bras that did not fit! The concept behind Itty Bitty Bra® is simple. Many whom nature "blessed" with less than a 'B' cup size are underserved by today's bra choices. Itty Bitty Bra® to the rescue!


I'm wearing an IBB right now. No bra on the market (that I've tried, anyway) even comes close to being as comfortable as your IBB. I'm ordering the black polka dot, size 38B today.

Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA

I absolutely love your bras! They are super comfy, I no longer get marks from wearing a bra. My favorite bra is the removable padded bra, gives me a little bit a lift without too much padding. I used to always have oopsies because the regular bras cup out showing what is meant to be reserved for the bedroom ;) I really wish you would design bathing suit tops for us IBB!

CT, California

Received my order and very happy with my purchase! All bras fit me perfectly, what a welcome change. Would love to see a multiway bra with all those hidden hooks in them for tank tops and such. Would also love to see a sports bra option.

So happy to have found this website, thank you!


Just received your bras yesterday and LOVE them.  I have always had a weird bra size - 36 to 38 with small breasts and nothing ever fit.  Traditional bras at this size have enormous cups - I looked so fake in shirts and was very self-conscious about the way I looked.  Today I put on a T-shirt with your bra and feel not only comfortable, I look normal!  Thanks again.


I am so excited about these bras! It seems that everyone has forgotten the smaller busted women. Not everyone has had plastic surgery or wants plastic surgery – you don't have to have big breasts to have a gorgeous figure! I have always loved my petite chest (32A) and frame to match but lately had a very difficult time finding a bra that fits properly.

Thank you for these bras and embracing the beauty of a delicate bust.

Suzanne, Atlanta

As you know, smaller gals like me have to shop in the teen section to find stuff that fits - and the selection is not great. I'm so glad to be able to get "grown up" bras for a change! Also, it's great to find bras like yours that don't have a ton of padding - some of us like ourselves just the way we are and don't need more - 'cause we are perfect as is! Brava!


I love your products – thanks for making a bra that FINALLY fits!!


Love, Love, Love flatter me bras. I have a 15yr old daughter that is a hard to fit size (44A) We have tried extenders, but nothing works like the flatter me bras. I order 2 to try them out, she stated, I can do any kind of activity in these without worrying about having to pull it down, because the others did not fit well. I have just placed another order. Would love to see the line develop with some new more "hip" colors.

So pleased, great product.


Glad to have finally found a place which carries AA cups and hopefully AAA cups. I for one am totally happy to have small breasts and for the life of me cannot figure out why anyone would have them enlarged and would want to walk around with huge whoppers that are not only heavy and uncomfortable but look ridiculously fake.

Glad to have found a place which sells bras with small cups.

MH, Stafford, VA

Your bras are awesume. I love my small boobs, and I was sick of the super padded bras on the market. Keep up the good work! I want variety.

Jamie, Apollo, PA

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