Subject: Thank you so much Jane!

I have purchased your bras since 2006 and love them - I have never found any that fit me as your bras do. I noticed recently the inventory of your contour bras has decreased substantially and do not see the white, pink or beige colors any longer. Earlier this year these colors were on your website but the size I need was not available (I take a 36A). Will you be stocking these colors in this style in the near future? If so, is it possible to receive an alert or email to notify me? Many thanks. I do hope you continue to carry this style and will have more in my size.



Subject: Thank you IBB.

I absolutely love your bras! They are super comfy, I no longer get marks from wearing a bra. My favorite bra is the removable padded bra, gives me a little bit a lift without too much padding. I used to always have oopsies because the regular bras cup out showing what is meant to be reserved for the bedroom ;) I really wish you would design bathing suit tops for us IBB!

CT, California

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Subject: Very happy with my purchase!

Received my order and very happy with my purchase! All bras fit me perfectly, what a welcome change. Would love to see a multiway bra with all those hidden hooks in them for tank tops and such. Would also love to see a sports bra option.

So happy to have found this website, thank you!



Subject: LOVE them.

Just received your bras yesterday and LOVE them.  I have always had a weird bra size - 36 to 38 with small breasts and nothing ever fit.  Traditional bras at this size have enormous cups - I looked so fake in shirts and was very self-conscious about the way I looked.  Today I put on a T-shirt with your bra and feel not only comfortable, I look normal!  Thanks again.


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Subject: Thank you for your service.

I'm writing to say thank you for the excellent customer service you recently provided me and my fiance. About two weeks ago we received an order that was missing one of the bras we purchased. I contacted customer service and another one was sent to us immediately. My fiance loves it and, as a result, we intend to purchase from your company in the future.



Subject: Thanks & thank you so much for your product.

As you know, smaller gals like me have to shop in the teen section to find stuff that fits - and the selection is not great. I'm so glad to be able to get "grown up" bras for a change! Also, it's great to find bras like yours that don't have a ton of padding - some of us like ourselves just the way we are and don't need more - 'cause we are perfect as is! Brava!



Subject: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you again for such personal attention. I'm very impressed. GREAT news!!! The bras just arrived and I love them. They fit and are very comfortable. Look nice under my shirts (first time ever). Would love to see the exact same bra with wider straps. I have always been a AA and at 49 years old, I could never find a bra that would fit band size to a AA. I am also a breast cancer survivor ... I had a partial lumpectomy ... and this bra, because of it's design, allows me to put the silicone bra inserts... into the bra without concern of it falling out.

KR, Kingston, Ontario, Canada


Subject: Love, Love, Love Flatter Me Bras!

Love, Love, Love flatter me bras. I have a 15yr old daughter that is a hard to fit size (44A) We have tried extenders, but nothing works like the flatter me bras. I order 2 to try them out, she stated, I can do any kind of activity in these without worrying about having to pull it down, because the others did not fit well. I have just placed another order. Would love to see the line develop with some new more "hip" colors.

So pleased, great product.



Subject: My testimonial

When I saw the article titled "The Right Bra for Any Size" in the People In Style magazine, I was skeptical.  Surely there would be nothing for my size, 34AA.  However, the article included mention of Itty Bitty Bra Company, offering AA!  At 44, I was still searching for a bra that would truly fit me.  I ordered a pink signature bra and waited hopefully for it to arrive. When I opened the package, out fell a tiny strip of fabric.  I thought that maybe I had wasted my money, but when I tried it on, I was thrilled!  It fit like a second skin, and I felt much more attractive in it than I ever did in those terribly uncomfortable ultra-padded bras by Victoria's Secret.  It's easy to feel inadequate in a bra that's too big. Finding one that fit me made me finally feel adequate!

I have held fast to my vow not to have breast implants.  I have nursed four children, and my breasts are still perky and healthy.  My daughters need to see that I am content with the body God gave me.  My sons don't need to see me getting fake boobs so that I can be more attractive to men.  And my husband, though he enjoys breasts as much as the next guy, loves me just the way I am.  Thank you, IBB, for providing this much-needed product!



Subject: I received my package and I love it!

Just wanted to let you know I received my package and I love it! Definitely one of the most comfortable bras I've tried--lives up to all the hype for sure! :) Thanks so much for designing this great product. I've been telling others about it!

By the way, I'm wondering if the signature is cut in the same way as the removable pad one I ordered, because while I love the fit of the bra, I found the padding a little too much and have been wearing it mostly without the pads...so I'm just wondering if the signature is basically the same thing without the removable padding. If not, what's the difference in fit? Please let me know so I can keep it in mind the next time I order!

Thanks again for the great service and awesome product!



Subject: IBB Designs: Welcome!

Glad to have finally found a place which carries AA cups and hopefully AAA cups. I for one am totally happy to have small breasts and for the life of me cannot figure out why anyone would have them enlarged and would want to walk around with huge whoppers that are not only heavy and uncomfortable but look ridiculously fake.

Glad to have found a place which sells bras with small cups.

MH, Stafford, VA


Subject: Feedback

Thank you so much for the bra!!!

I'm sorry I took so long to get back to you.  The bra is amazing. I really have nothing to complain about.  It was a great fit, sat comfortably and supported me without pushing everything in or up.  I found I could wear it for long days without that "ugh get this thing off of me" feeling I get with so many other bras these days.  It didn't chaff, weigh down on my shoulders, or look weird under tops. It just fit.  Actually, I found myself grumbling that I hadn't washed it to wear the very next day. Loved that the front was really low so I could wear cuter tops with it.

Wonderful, wonderful product.  If you were hoping for constructive criticism, I really can't give you any.

All the best,

TM, Burbank, CA


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Subject: Product Review: Itty Bitty Bra

At long last; mu review of the Itty Bitty Bra. It's a Yay. Click to read the review!

me too marathon


Subject: Itty Bitty Bra Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation


As a very happy and satisfied customer of ittybitty bras I just wanted to know if one day the company would consider making swimsuits too?

Many thanks for your great service!

Elizabeth M., Paris, France


Subject: THANK YOU!

I love your products – thanks for making a bra that FINALLY fits!!



Subject: THANK YOU!

I purchased two of your bras (the polka dot and a signature) and didn't know what to expect.  I was that intrigued by the name and quite honestly sick of bras that tried to make me look like someone I'm not.  

When they arrived, I put on the signature bra just to try it on and see how it looked under a t-shirt.  That was 1:00 in the afternoon.  I completely forgot I had it on, did my household chores, made dinner for the kids and husband, went out with friends to a party, and when 10:30 pm rolled around and I went to put my jammies on, I got a little teary-eyed. First off, there's never been a time that I've put a bra on and wore it without washing it first.  Most of the time bras are too stiff and itchy and have a bunch of crazy tags on them (thank you for the simple pin and tag -- took me two seconds -- no scissors involved. Wow!) Second, I realized that not once in those nine hours did I think "This damn bra is driving me nuts!" At 40 years old I now know what a bra should feel like. Imagine that!  

My two new bras are drying right now and I currently have a bra on that's going in the trash tonight. Now that I've tried itty bitty bras, others in my drawer feel like torture devices.  No kidding.

So I'm just writing to say that I'm a convert.  These are wonderfully made bras, very simple, cute and so comfortable.  Thank you.


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Subject: I just wanted to thank you for making awesome bras and I will keep talking them up!

I just recently picked them up. Let me tell you as a girl with some small titties your bra is awesome!  I haven't worn a bra in years (yes they are that small) because all of the bras for small boobs always have a ridiculous amount of padding.  I am proud of my lil boobs i don't want to cover them with padding.  So i found your bras and picked up three.  They have been awesome.

K.S., CA


Subject: Love the bralettes!

Great fit! Checked out your new arrival tease online and can't wait to learn more. So nice to have a source for bras, so frustrating out there. I love my small boobs and don't want to cover them up under padding and too much material! Or worse, shop in the teenager or training bra section! Will pass on to my other flat and fab friends! I read about IBB in InStyle. Thanks again!



Subject: Hey

We met at the MTV Awards Gifting Suite at the SLS hotel. I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for the bra and panty set. I absolutely love your line.

Kristen Q., CA

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I love the new bras!!! Next time I come out, I want to buy the black with the padding. I like the new ones better than the original signatures...they feel like they support better. My nude signature (old one), I always wear a tank top with it for extra support, but I walked the swap meet today wearing the new one and barely new I had a bra on - it felt awesome!! (and it doesn't make me feel like I am advertising cleavage...just makes me feel fuller!! :)

Boy shorts - make more!! designs, colors, anything! They make me look slimmer and they are super comfortable! I wore them with a dress, jeans, and to bed and I am in HEAVEN!!! (Bralette) is awesome too! I slept in it last night and wore it around the house all morning!!! I will buy the bralette/boy short set in every pattern/color!!!!! Seriously, I'd rather wear the sets to bed and around the house than anything else!!

AB, Newport Beach, CA


Subject: Bra size

I'm wearing an IBB right now. No bra on the market (that I've tried, anyway) even comes close to being as comfortable as your IBB. I'm ordering the black polka dot, size 38B today.

Warm regards,
Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA


Subject: WOW!

Wow - my polka dotted bra arrived in the mail today! Great quality bra, superb fit and speedy delivery. I'll definitely be shopping at the Itty Bitty Bra all the way from Canada again soon.

SH, Ottawa, Ontario


Subject: Dear God....Thank you, Thank you!

Your bras are awesume. I love my small boobs, and I was sick of the super padded bras on the market. Keep up the good work! I want variety.

Jamie, Apollo, PA


Subject: Sending praise

Hi -- I just want to lavish praise and good tidings on your company. It's been years since I've been able to find a bra that fits me correctly (I'm a 36AA), both with the proper support and coverage -- and, because I suffer from chronic pain in my upper back, one that doesn't chafe or in some way exacerbate my symptoms. I chanced upon one of your bras at Fred Segal, and last night actually slept in it, it was that comfortable. You've changed my life -- there's nothing like the proper bra to make me sashay with utter confidence. Bless you!

Olivia P., Los Angeles


Subject: HI

I am so excited about these bras! It seems that everyone has forgotten the smaller busted women. Not everyone has had plastic surgery or wants plastic surgery – you don't have to have big breasts to have a gorgeous figure! I have always loved my petite chest (32A) and frame to match but lately had a very difficult time finding a bra that fits properly.

Thank you for these bras and embracing the beauty of a delicate bust.

Suzanne, Atlanta


Subject: signature bra

Hi Jane,

Thank you for your time this morning, and for the fabulous Itty Bitty Bra. So thrilled at the notion of getting a bra instead perpetually buying a bralette! As mentioned, I first saw them at Fred Segal.

Keep up the great work!

Many thanks, Paula, Santa Barbara



Jane captured this photo of her daughter, Grace, with Olympic gold medal winner, Misty May... Misty loves her ittybitty bras. See her this summer at the Olympics!

Click on the photo to enlarge!


Subject: itty bitty bra

Hi Jane,

Thank you so much for the samples. They are very comfortable. The fit is great. These are the first I have ever had that truly fit right. The bras are also very pretty. I am recommending them to all my ittybitty friends.

Thanks again keep up the good work.



Subject: itty bitty bra

Hi Jane,

Thanks so much for sending the bras to me. They are awesome! I stopped by a shop in Durango, CO and told them how much I liked the bras and that they should do our whole town a favor and order from you. She told me they are currently working on getting some DD+ bras in the store (!) but that she appreciated me stopping by... maybe she just has to get the DD thing out of her system for now... it's interesting because we are a town full of athletic, fit women (who wouldn't dream of getting large breasts to interfere with our physical activity..) and I reminded her that there are lots of us small breasted women in the community who still want to look cute in our bras.

Good Luck to you!



Subject: itty bitty bra

Hey Jane,

I got it, and it fits perfectly. I was excited to see on your website that your bras are now in stores.

Thanks so much!


Los Angeles


Subject: LOVE' EM

Hi Jane,

Not sure if you remember me...I'm the crazy girl from the Sassy Chicks Sample Sale!  I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!  I've told all my itty bitty friends about how great your stuff is!  I bought 4 bras and need more!  I love the panties!  I only got one pair, but I want to get more.  Can I order from you
directly?  Let me know!

All the best!!!



Subject: I got my sample :)

Dear Jane,

I got my sample bra in the mail today and it is PERFECT! This is exactly what I've been looking for for years! The fit is amazing! I am very interested in purchasing more and I know a few people who would be also. My mom tried on the same bra and she is as excited as I am about your product. Please email me back with information on how to purchase more of these. Thank you so much for the sample, and I look foward to hearing from you soon.



Subject: bra samples

Hi Jane!

I received the bra sample and I love the bra!  It's comfortable and fits perfectly. It stays put, doesn't ride up at all.  My mom, sister, and I have all been won over by Itty Bitty Bra.  Please let me know when and where I can purchase more bras in the future.

Thanks again!